Equipping Believers For Life
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Equipping Believers For Life works with any churches, ministries, and people to build up the Body of Christ and reach out to the lost.

I encourage you to read Deuteronomy Chapter 6, and Psalm Chapter 119.

The main topics I've noticed every follower of Jesus should know well, and lack in knowledge and experience are:

1.  The Bible
I hope and pray to learn the Inductive Bible Study method as soon as I can.  That is probably the most well rounded and in depth method that exists, and covers pretty much every aspect of the study, learning, teaching and real life application of Scripture.  I've had a taste of this type of study once, and nothing else will satisfy me.

2.  Discipleship
A very useful means of training and growing.  Having mature Christians to train and be their for other Christians the way Jesus did His disciples provides real life training.

3.  Evangelism
This is a command of Jesus, and something followers of Jesus should do with all urgency because every second, two people somewhere around the world dies.  One hundred and twenty people a minute, about 150,000 people a day.  Both Heaven and hell are real.  Just as we help someone who is drowning, Christians should have deep concern where others will spend eternity.

4.  Apologetics (Defending the Faith)
Christians should know how to stand up and defend their faith, and have an answer for the world's questioning Truth.

What you do not find here, please visit "Ministries and Resources" on the left column.  They provide a good amount of useful information.

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